Meet my sweet little family!

Husband, JD, is an extremely talented dentist here in Huntsville. He owns his own practice: Reed Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, located on Bob Wallace Avenue.  

My son David (10) is in the 4th grade at Randolph School.  He is a very active baseball player.  He also loves tennis, biking, swimming, playing with his friends. 

My daughter Annie (7) is in 1st grade at Randolph School. She loves art, dance and tennis.  She is my favorite model when I need to scout out a new location too!

Hooper Family 2019-8.jpg
Hooper Family 2019-2.jpg

Meet the rest of my family! 

I am the second oldest of 5 kids, and the only girl! We are all 2 years apart, so growing up with a house full of boys was a fun experience! There are 14 of us now! (see above photo)

We all live in different places... Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina.  We get together each summer for a Fam Jam at our favorite spot, Orange Beach, Alabama for a weekend of family fun! We might even love a friendly game of Mexican Train Dominos!